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Mead Essence

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Manufacturer: Swish Barrel


20ml bottle of Mead Essence.

Make your own premium Honey Mead Liqueur! The ancient golden drink of fermented honey, often dubbed the NECTAR OF THE GODS. A preffered drink of ancient Greeks, Vedas, Celts, Vikings and the Monks.

Instructions: Pour the contents of the bottle and 1/2 cup of granulated suger into a barrel or (750ml) bottle. Fill with 26 oz of 40% alc./volume grain alcohol, neutral vodka, moonshine, or swish barrel alcohol. Shake well to mix thoroughly. Makes 26 fl. oz. (750 mL). For barrels larger than 1 liter, use 1 bottle of Mead essence per liter of alcohol.

For extra body and mouthfeel, add 1oz of finishing formula.

Age spirits to your taste in an Oak Barrel for at least 2 weeks!

Ingredients: Natural extracts, essential oils, propylene glycol and carmel color (E150).


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