Make Your Own Spirits


Make your own spirits with a Swish Barrel Bootleg Kit. The kit includes everything you need to make your favorite spirits, aged to perfection.  Purchase online at Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.

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Swishbarrel Essences


Make your own Spirits! Pour the essence into an oak barrel. Fill with grain alcohol, neutral vodka, or swish alcohol. Use 1 bottle of essence per liter of alcohol.

Whiskey Making Essence
Rum Making Essence
Bourbon Making Essence
Scotch Making Essence
Brandy Making Essence
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Gin Making Essence

Cigar Essences


Flavor your cigars with the Original Cigar Infusion Barrel Humidor. Spray the essence in the infusion barrel, place your favorite cigars in the barrel and close the top. 

Cigar Essences
Oak Barrel Cigar Humidors from Thousand Oaks Barrel Co.